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We at Tech Weave are endowed with a state-of-the-art infrastructural facility which back us in manufacturing and supplying Leno Fabrics. These fabrics are used in textile industries and making handbags. Being as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of leno fabrics, We use optimum grade yarns, procured from the most reliable sources to process the fine fabrics.

Leno Fabrics
leading manufacturers, exporters of Leno Fabrics
Suppliers of leno fabrics
Leno Bags Manufacturer
Leno Bags used for packing and protecting fresh fruits and vegetables

Leno Bags Manufacturer

As one of the leading leno fabrics and bags manufacturer our Leno Bags are used for packing and protecting fresh fruits and vegetables like potatoes, ginger onion, citrus fruits, etc. These leno bags are manufactured by using netted cloth of virgin Polypropylene with color masterbatch. A loom is required to manufacture leno bags. They are designed to preserve the goods packed by allowing air inside so that inner moisture does not spoil the goods. The size of these leno bags differs as per the requirements of the customer. They do not react to any liquid extracted by the goods. These bags are very easy to handle and can be stored easily. Leno Bags are reusable and recyclable. These bags are very appropriate for cold storage spaces and suitable for dry skin vegetables like potato, onion, garlic, etc.


In leno weaving, the warp yarns are twisted around one another, locking the filling yarns in place. Leno weave is also called Gauze weave or Cross weave. The leno weave is used where relatively a low number of yarns are involved. This is a construction of woven fabrics in which the resulting fabric is very sheer, yet durable. Leno weave produces an open fabric with almost no yarn slippage or misplacement of threads.

In this weave, two or more warp yarns are twisted around each other as they are interlaced with the filling yarns, thus securing a firm hold on the filling yarn and preventing them from slipping out of position. The yarns work in pairs; one is the standard warp yarn, and the other is the skeleton or doup yarn. This is also called as the gauze weave.


Leno fabrics are mainly used in composite products where the fabric serves as reinforcement and forms a solid basement for the end product. Specialty fabric applications for leno woven fabrics would include some shade cloths and truck cover fabrics, fruit bags, and gauze for wound care.

  1. Our leno fabrics are extremely tear resistant, of high-quality, easy to process, and applicable in many different areas:
  2. In the paper and packaging industry, for example, as paper reinforcement for steel packaging products.
  3. In the building and construction industry as backing material for roofing underlays and for isolation and drainage products.
  4. As backing fabric in the production of nonwoven and foam products, for example, for molded parts in the automotive industry.
  5. As spring-interior cover and reinforcement of bolster pieces in the furniture and upholstery industry.
  6. For laminating applications as backing fabric for different products.

Allows air inside.

The bags are chemically inactive.

Cost effective.

They have excellent mechanical properties.

Resistant to tear

Soft in touch

Can withstand heat

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