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Tech Weave’s landscape fabric and ground covers solutions are high in quality, provides a long-life product value and are excellent for your professional landscaping and weed control projects. These premium fabrics are perfect for suppressing weeds in gardens, outdoor rows, greenhouses, orchards and nurseries. Our landscape fabrics or ground covers are UV treated and perfect for above the ground applications however they can also be used in the ground for soil stabilization.

Ground Cover Fabric
PP Woven Ground Covers
PP Woven Ground Covers
Leading manufacturer, exporter of Ground Covers
Tech Weave’s landscape fabrics including PP woven ground covers

PP Woven Ground Covers

We a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of PP Woven Ground Covers which provides a perfect solution for controlling weed growth (Brand name: Ti-Agro). It prevents the weeds to grow and yet let water and nutrients pass through. Our fabric is UV stabilized and lasts even in direct sunlight. Our landscape covers product usually has marker lines every 12″. These lines can be at more or less intervals, per individual requirement for proper plant alignment.

We can offer PP Woven Ground Covers from 95 gsm to 370gsm (3.1 oz to 11 oz). The fabric is made from the latest Sulzer Looms having wide width capabilities. The fabric is treated with UV stabilizers to give longer life.

Our PP woven are produced on Wide Width Sulzer Looms providing
( Max Width : 5.2 Mtrs)

Our ground cover suppress weed growth while allowing air, water and nutrients to pass through to the plants. Excellent for short and long-term landscapes, annual or container gardens. Keep weeds under control saving you both time and money!


Ground Cover Fabric Core Features

Ground cover fabric blocks weeds and reduces erosion

Ground covers are long-lasting

12 marker lines for pot alignment

Ground cover fabric is water permeable, mildew resistant

Primarily placed on the ground for greenhouse and nursery weed control

May be used under gravel Resistant to many chemical

Landscape Covers Advantages

Landscape Covers provide beauty to the landscape.

Landscape cover prevents weed growth.

Ground cover fabric prevents top soil erosion.

Landscape covers are UV stabilized.

Ground covers are permeable to air and water.

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